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If you are going to have a wedding in the summer or in the spring, then it is a perfect idea if you have a royal blue wedding. A blue wedding is very common in those seasons. The color of blue that is used on your wedding has certain and special meanings. It symbolizes the truth of your love and your loyalty. A royal blue wedding will bring calming and magical atmosphere onto your wedding. A royal blue wedding is also perfect for a small wedding.

There are choices of royal blue wedding ideas. Choosing which ideas that you will apply on your wedding can make any bride feel too overwhelmed. Wearing the most beautiful wedding dress on your wedding is a must. On your royal blue wedding, you can wear a white wedding dress that is trimmed with royal blue ribbons. You can also have a white wedding gown with royal blue sash. If you do not want to have any royal blue detail on your wedding dress, then you can wear some accessories that have royal blue detail. You can wear a pair of royal blue shoes. You can also wear earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or a tiara that are adorned with blue gemstone.

The bridal bouquet you will going to have must also has a touch of royal blue color such as blue flowers or a blue ribbon. Meanwhile, to match the royal blue theme, the groom can wear a royal blue vest. For a royal blue wedding, wearing a royal blue bridesmaid dress is a must for the bridesmaid.

The royal blue wedding reception can be decorated with numerous royal blue decorations. To decorate the reception table, you can use white table cloth combined with royal blue napkin, napkin ring, or other table accessories. For the centerpiece, you can have some flowers which are arranged in a blue vase. You can also have blue colored flowers bouquet as the centerpiece.

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Royal Blue Wedding Ideas

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