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Choosing a wedding dress should consider several things before making the right decision. One of aspects which should be considered is the climate and weather because it can affect the decision about the wedding dress. The brides will expect they can comfortably wearing the wedding dress so they can enjoy the moment and the weather and climate will influence this. Choosing summer wedding dress is good choice when we hold summer wedding because the design will be appropriate for the condition so the bride will wear the dress as comfortable as possible and they can look beautiful as expected.

One of good choice for summer wedding dress is the short dress which can be flexible in moving and more refreshing than long one. Nonetheless, not all brides are confident wearing the short dress so they tend to choose the long dress which is traditional. The long traditional wedding dress for summer reception will be designed to also give comfort to the bride as well. It should be soft, lightweight and thin so the bride can flexibly move also they will not feel so sweaty which can make uncomfortable feeling of itchy in their wedding dress. Also mostly the design will be sleeveless or short sleeves.

However, when we choose for a summer wedding dress, we should know about the bride. It is important to concern for the bride’s comfort, body shape and what they want. Not all dresses will be suitable for them. Some brides perhaps should avoid sleeveless dresses because their body figure will not be complimented; some others are on the other hand since they have good reason to show it off. Besides that, it is also important to consider about the fabric material used in the dress because the summer will deliver hot weather so some fabrics maybe can make uncomfortable feeling.

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