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Amzing TV Cabinet Design In Peters Flat By Milli Mlodzi Ludzi

Minimalistic lifestyle in Peters Flat by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie

Some people like to have a fully furnished and exaggerated place of living while the others love minimalistic place of living, and the Peters Flat by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie is one of the examples of how a minimalistic place should have been designed. The minimalistic flat is beautifully designed by … Read More →

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Amazing Mosaic Tile In The Bathroom Of M44 Apartment By Windawscy Studio Architecture

Back to the 50s with M44 Apartment by Widawscy Studio Architektury

Building and designing an apartment room might be hard for some home designer, yet the M44 Apartment by Widawscy Studio Architektury is one of the examples of how a great home designer team push themselves so hard that they are able to make the best apartment, at least in the … Read More →

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Living And Dining Room Design In Maranhao Apartment By Flavio Castro

Maranhão Apartment by Flavio Castro: Your Best Apartment Ever

If you do not want to live inside the wall that constrict you, it seems that living in a place like Maranhão Apartment by Flavio Castro will be the best for you because inside this brilliantly design apartment, you will see that there is no wall that separates you with … Read More →

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Bedroom Of Situla Model Apartment By GAO Architects

Situla Model Apartment by GAO Architects

Living in an apartment with limited space can be frustrating for those who do not know how to arrange the furniture and create the interior. This GAO Architects result in designing the interior of a flat can inspire you of what you can do with your own living space. Recently, … Read More →

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Contemporary Glass Cabinet In Amsterdam Apartment By Denoldervleugels

Renovating Amsterdam Apartment by DENOLDERVLEUGELS

Recently, DENOLDERVLEUGELS received a project to do a renovation of the old building where the apartment is located, built in 1925. Located in Amsterdam, the apartment is built on 300 sqm occupies the top three levels of the building. The client of the project is a Netherland family which wanted … Read More →