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Outdoor Dining Table In Casa 7A By Natalia Heredia Estudio

Casa 7A: Experienced The Beauty of Nature from The Closed Box

Arquitectura en Estudio and Natalia Heredia are successful to answer the challenge in designing Casa 7A. On the 550m2 space, they are demanded to create a closed and private space which can connects the people inside with the beauty of the surroundings—the hill and mountain scenery. Closed but Open Casa … Read More →

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Amazing Pool Design In  Acapulco House By Flavio Castro

Acapulco House by Flavio Castro: It is not that bad living in a box

If you think that living inside a box is bad, it means that you have not tried to live inside the Acapulco House by Flavio Castro because once you step your feet inside this cube-shaped house, you will revise your belief about living inside the box. One of the most … Read More →

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Backyard Of Heesch Villa By Hilberink Bosch Architects

A villa in Heesch by Hilberink Bosch Architects: Not your usual modern-themed building

It seems that the modern-themed house will be on the list of home designer, and a villa in Heesch by Hilberink Bosch Architects is one of the examples of how the modern theme in house design is not going to get anywhere far away. It seems that people love having … Read More →