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Fruits Dunos Bowl  By Alessandro Isola

The work of brilliant mind and 3D printer: Dunes Bowl by Alessandro Isola

If you say the bowl is the object in our everyday life which shape cannot be changed, it means that you have never seen the Dunes Bowl by Alessandro Isola because I am sure that once you have seen this bowl, you will realize that your belief is all wrong. … Read More →

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Blue Bloom  Fruit Bowl By Jun Murakoshi

Bloom by Jun Murokashi

Jun Murokashi brings his invention to flower vase and fruit bowl as functional tools in the house. Usually, the uniqueness of the design is shown by the sculpture in the vase and bowl itself. Here, in the vase and bowl by Muraokashi named Bloom, the base is like any other … Read More →

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Creative Leg Design Of Motus Functional Table By Elena Salmistaro

Back to the modern medieval with Motus by Elena Salmistraro

Modernity does not have to be always something related with modern electrical machine because sometimes, modernity can be seen from the product like Motus by Elena Salmistraro at your home. The product that is called as Motus is actually a combination between a table and wheelbarrow. This magnificently creative product … Read More →

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Blue Cushion In Hanging Cageling Swing Chairs By Ontwerpduo

Unique place to sit: Cageling by Ontwerpduo

Many people want to know how it feels to be a bird, and having Cageling by Ontwerpduo in your home will make you know how it feels to be a bird, in a cage. Cageling is one of the creation by Ontwerpduo, one of the most famous artist furniture makers … Read More →