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Beautiful Red Corques Sofa By Lucie Koldova For PERUSE

Unique seating: Corques Sofa by Lucie Koldova for PER/USE

As the earth gets older and older every time, people are trying so hard to find the best way to create something new from something that has existed before, and the Corques Sofa by Lucie Koldova for PER/USE is the example of how a brilliant mind in modern artistic furniture … Read More →

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Amazing Triangulation Collection By Nova Obiecta

Triangulation Collection by Nova Obiecta

At the first glance, what can you guess from this Triangulation Collection? by Nova Obiecta Are they ornaments for room? This collection is actually a series of furniture design. It is functional; what you need to do is look closer and see the detail to find the true use of … Read More →

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Black Chair By Zaha Hadid Architects For Sawaya & Moroni

Manta Ray Duo, a Double-Seat by Zaha Hadid Architects

Different materials used for seats results to the different comfort for the users. Underlying this reason, manufacturers – with their innovation and creative design – try to provide the comfort wrapped in a unique style of seats. Like what Zaha Hadid Architects introduce to the market with the eye-catching innovation, … Read More →

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Creative Coffee Table Design By Sandro Lopez

Coffee Table by Sandro Lopez

Coffee table by Sandro Lopez is an exception to any other common coffee table. The designer merge the art and the function of a table to be a nice piece of coffee table. What is unique from this table? Here, come closer and look at its base. It looks like … Read More →

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Assored Color Windmils Pouf By Constante Guisset

Bored of your couch? Try Windmills by Constance Guisset for La Cividina

If you want to have a seat at your home that so unique that it can also be used as a decoration, you might need to look at the Windmills by Constance Guisset for La Cividina. The name “Windmills” maybe come from the shape of the seat that looks like … Read More →