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Planning a wedding is not going away from the dress, hairstyle, and relationship. Not only women, men also have their own choice of ring. Then how to choose a good wedding ring man? Especially for men who do not quite understand about jewelry?

The first step before you select the best of many wedding rings is to order a ring. It is important to be able to adjust the size of the man with the ring finger to be used. Romantic partner would probably choose the ring and the same color, but it does not matter if a man wants his wedding ring is different with a wedding ring of a woman. Because the most important thing for a man is kind of what is selected as the metal ring. Most men would probably choose gold or silver, but what about those who do not know which of the two is the best?

The best choice is to pick the metal that matches the kind of jewelry that is owned as a watch or other jewelry.Here is the type of metal that is well known by men. Gold is the main option that has 14k or 18k yellow. White Gold is gold plated 14k or 18k gold with a slight element rhodium. Platinum is a white metal that does not cause skin allergy, durable, but heavier and more expensive than gold. Palladium is a naturally white metal. This is similar as platinum metal, but the prices are more affordable.

Besides platinum, titanium is also a metal that does not cause allergies; it is black or gray and cannot be altered shape at will. Tungsten Carbide is one of the strongest metal rings. It has the color gray and difficult to change shape as titanium. Cobalt chrome is a type of platinum metals remain strong as titanium, metal is durable and scratch resistant. The latter is a stainless steel / stainless silver; this metal is precious metal whose price is quite expensive.

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Classic Gold Wedding Rings

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