11 Smart Ways to Save to Buy a Home

Always procrastinating and having various reasons not to immediately invest and save is something that many people often do. Although we know that investing and saving provide many benefits for our lives in the future.

Not infrequently, most of us will choose to directly spend the money we have to meet various life needs and lifestyles. It could be that we also often shop and buy things that may not be so important without us knowing it.

All bad financial habits include ignoring the importance of investing and saving, not managing finances properly, spending as they please without considering their functions and interests, all of these habits if we continue to do them can certainly become our financial bad habits.

Don’t let your finances become unhealthy. Realize starting today that you have control over your current and future finances.

So if your financial condition has led to unhealthy conditions such as not having emergency savings, investments and savings, then immediately fix your finances to avoid things that are not desirable.

Especially if you aspire to have your own home. You know, buying a house is not cheap. It took a lot of money. You could say today, the house has become one of the most important forms of need in everyone’s life.

However, in reality, most of us prefer to always delay in owning this one asset. Of course, for various reasons that are not really important.

If this continues, it is very likely that you will not own a house for years to come or even for the rest of your life. Isn’t this something you don’t want at all?

From now on, prepare yourself to buy a house

There is no point in always delaying buying a house, especially when you are very young and unmarried.

Own a home from now on, why not! Don’t just make it a dream. Remember, the longer you delay buying a house, the more expensive the house will be.

A house is an investment that will positively experience value added. The longer it takes, the higher the price will be. That is, the longer you delay to own this one asset, the more expensive it will be and maybe the more difficult it will be for you to own it.

Ready or not, it’s a good idea to make financial improvements first. Especially to prepare for this one need.

Understand that buying a house is certainly not an easy thing to do. Given the recent house prices are quite high. However, if you have the will to overcome this, saving can be the solution.

Saving to buy a house is certainly not an easy thing to do. Therefore, it is very important to have a high commitment from the start.

Here’s a smart way to manage finances so you can save that you can practice from Cermati.com to make your dream of owning a dream home a reality.

1. Have a Clear Goal

This will be a very important point for those of you who want to start saving. Define and have a clear goal in saving. For example, saving with the aim of collecting down house money, saving to buy land and so on.

The purpose of saving must be clear and not arbitrary. With a clear saving goal, it will help you to stay focused and always work hard in that direction. This method will also be much more effective than saving without a strong goal or desire from yourself.

Note, it is better not to just set goals at the beginning of the spirit and then there is no real reason to start saving, and in the end, saving is simply forgotten.

Tips: It never hurts to write down your goals for saving, paste these goals in places that are easily visible. So that you are motivated and make you always remember and focus on that goal.

2. Determine the amount of money saved

After the goal, the amount or amount of savings is another thing that you must have clearly from the start. This will help you to have the most accurate picture of when and how these savings can help you in owning your dream home.

Do a good financial calculation, including determining the ratio of savings that can be done in the monthly fixed income you receive.

Avoid specifying an unreasonable nominal in the financial plan you make. Because this will only make your saving activities a burden.

Not only that, the amount of savings that is too large and disproportionate will only interfere with various other posts in your finances.

Tips: Have the right amount and immediately set aside an amount of money according to that amount at the beginning of payday. Savings should be a permanent component in finance. Not a post that sometimes exists and sometimes disappears.

For example, set firmly and definitely at the beginning of every month you will set aside a salary of Rp. 500,000, – or Rp. 1,000,000, – for savings, down payment for your dream home.

3. The Right Savings Target

Savings activities that you do will be easier and more enjoyable if done systematically. Apply a number of rules in financial management by having a number of targets on a regular basis. For example, weekly targets, daily targets, and others.

This will make you have good control in managing finances. Moreover, applying a number of sanctions for yourself if at any time you cannot reach the target properly and correctly. No need to set a number of targets that are too large, which will actually make you lazy to run them.

4. Pay Off All Debts

If it turns out that we have debt, it will be very good if the debt is paid immediately. When you no longer have a burden of debt, the process of saving will be much easier and more enjoyable.

You can focus on saving activities when there are no installments/debts. Debt will also be a burden on your mind that might make you depressed. Therefore, it will be much more comfortable if you do not have the burden.

5. Savings in Gold

This will be very appropriate if you have the desire to save in the long term. Gold is a form of investment/savings that is not affected by rising inflation so its value will tend to be stable.

Saving in the form of gold can be considered, especially if you need a long time to collect some funds to buy a house. However, don’t forget to always study and know clearly about the intricacies of gold investment in detail first.

6. Manage Expenses Strictly

Sometimes you are so easy to spend some money, even without a good calculation. This is very bad, especially if you do it so often and make it a habit in life.

Stop immediately and start getting used to always considering and taking into account every penny you take out of your wallet. Because it’s the money you work hard for, right?

7. Simple and thrifty life

Living a frugal lifestyle is something that is quite difficult to do, especially if you are used to spending money without a clear calculation.

Do not underestimate this because living frugally can make you free from a number of financial problems in the future. Get in the habit of always running a frugal lifestyle so that some of the existing money can be allocated into savings.

8. Collect A Certain Amount

We can also save more easily by collecting denominations in a certain nominal value, for example in the ten thousand, twenty thousand, or other denominations.

This will be a fun activity because every time you have money in these denominations, you will put some aside and collect it in a certain container. At the end of the month, you can deposit it into a special account and keep it safe there.

9. Shop Smart

Shopping activities are one of the largest expenditure items in financial management. Therefore, it is very important to manage and do this in a smart way.

Tips, take notes and arrange shopping lists properly. Always obey these notes when shopping, both when shopping online and shopping offline so that expenses are still well controlled.

10. Saving in the Form of a “Home”

This can make you more excited and motivated to save. Because the money you receive can be used as installments to build a house. For example, save and imagine if you are paying off the roof today. Tomorrow for the walls and the rest.

11. Involve Other Family Members

There is nothing wrong with expressing your intention to buy a house to other family members. You can also invite them to participate in saving together. They will be happy and feel included in the activities that are important in the family.

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